Presented by
the Department of Cardiovascular
Anesthesiology and ICU

De Gasperis Cardiac Centre
Niguarda Hospital

4TH International Perioperative TEE Symposium

Milan - February 3 - 4, 2022
Niguarda Hospital

Symposium Director
Michele Mondino

Endorsed by:


This 2-day symposium is designed to benefit practicing anesthesiologists, intensivists, cardiac surgeons and cardiologists involved in the perioperative management of surgical patients. The symposium program will include the use of advanced 2D and 3D TEE techniques in the assessment and management of patients presenting for cardiac surgery.

The participants will have the opportunity to learn through lectures and through interactive “Problem-Based Learning Discussion (PBLDs) groups, with a unique opportunity to discuss topics with the experts in small groups.


A unique interactive symposium showcasing the state of the art in intraoperative TEE imaging modalities. World experts will be in Milan to meet and interact with attendees in an engaging multidisciplinary program. The symposium is tailored for anyone involved in the perioperative care of cardiac surgical patients.


  • V. Ajello
    Cardiac Anaesthesist Anaesthesiologist
    Tor Vergata University
    Roma, I
  • T. Aloisio
    Cardiac Anaesthesist
    IRRCS Policlinico San Donato
    Milano, I
  • P. Bertini
    Cardiac Anaesthesist
    A.O.U. Pisana
    Pisa, I
  • R. Fumagalli
    Chief of the Department
    of Anesthesia and ICU
    Niguarda Hospital, Milano, I
  • C. Giannattasio
    Director of the De Gasperis Cardio center
    DepartmentNiguarda Hospital,
    Milano, I
  • M. Meineri
    Cardiac Anaesthesist
    Herzzentrum Leipzig
    Leipzig, DE
  • M. Mondino
    Consultant Anesthetist
    Niguarda Hospital
    Milano, I
  • A. Moreo
    Head of Echocardiography Laboratory
    Niguarda Hospital,
    Milano, I
  • A. Rubino
    Cardiac Anaesthesist
    Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation
    Cambridge, UK
  • C. Russo
    Chief of the Department
    of Cardiac Surgery, Niguarda Hospital
    Milano, I
  • F. Sangalli
    Consultant Anesthetist
    ASST Valtellina e Alto Lario
    Sondrio (I)

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